Stage Coach Rides


approx 1 hour

The Stagecoach

can hold up to 4 adults. Experience what it felt like to travel across country in a stagecoach


Come Join us on a Scenic Stagecoach ride through the wilderness of Northern Michigan pulled by two beautiful draft horses! We have 110 acres of private land that we ride on. We also offer a Wild Stagecoach ride through the wilderness where you will need to keep an eye out for those stagecoach robbers!


In the Summer months we recommend applying bug spray as they can be a nuisance on the trail.

Rider requirements

All Riders are required to Sign a Liability Release form. A Parent or Legal Guardian MUST sign for a minor.

All Trail Rides are weather permitting. If the Weather is Stormy, 85+ Degrees, Icy Etc your Ride will be rescheduled.

If you have any special requests or questions please do not hesitate to ask. Call/Text 231-884-9975